Wendy Boo Diaper Club

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AboutThe Project

Wendyboo is the first diaper subscription service business in Nigeria. The visioner of wendyboo diaper club spoke to us about their vision to provide diaper subscription service to Nigerians. Our duty to the visioner was to provide full branding services and create a website to align their vision for the company.

The vision of wendyboo community is a community of diaper subscribers to help support their diaper needs for various families and individuals. Families and individuals can share their resources, information, concerns, experiences, and expertise and subscribe to diapers need for their babies in Nigeria.

We started by creating a logo for the company. A logo which appealed to the brand because the brand relates with children, so we decided to create a funky looking logo with children characters and diaper. Then we proceeded by creating /choosing a color scheme for the website and a UI/UX suitable for their website, factoring in the creation of a community website and sale of diapers through the website. The website will also have a payment processing solution for the e-commerce store.

We went further to provide complimentary card designs and letterhead designs.